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We came up with this title because we wanted to convey to Women and Children Worldwide We are here to Protect Them. As FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Was adopted as both a Cultural and religious practice in the early ancestral days in Egypt; Sakhmat or also known as Sakhmet was known in Egyptian mythology as a Warrior Goddess as well as a Goddess of healing. She is a Lioness, The Most Fiercest Hunter known to all of the land. Her name actually means "Power and might". We stand as an Organization for Children and women who do not have a Voice to Fight for them for the Crimes of Humanity that Have been Done To them.

Meet the Team


Dr. Brooke Alexander-Cammarano, DO

Founder & President

Current CMO of Mammoth Technologies a Blockchain IT Firm

Past Board Member of WIN an International Domestic  Violence Recovery Nonprofit Foundation in 64 Countries and all 50 US States


Brad Brown

Executive Director

Brad has been involved in  supporting humanitarian activities in Africa for nearly 20 years including hospitals , orphanages, or disaster relief activities in Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, and Ghana.  He has coordinated with the US Centers for disease control, USAID, & Catholic Relief Services.  Mr. Brown is a Licensed attorney and an MBA.


Tommie cammarano


Entering CMU in  Fall of 2019 as Pre-med double Majoring in  Neuroscience and Child Development

Next Steps...

please email us if you would like to join us.

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  1. November 20,2018 from “The Detroit News”
    There are four major types of female genital mutilation, including a partial or total removal of the clitoris.

    Prosecutors have alleged that two girls’ clitorises were completely removed, but the evidence is lacking for at least one girl, Smith said.

    The judge’s opinion drops charges against three mothers. They are:

    Farida Arif of Oakland County, who was charged with participating in the conspiracy and having her daughter undergo female genital mutilation.
    Two mothers from Minnesota, Haseena Halfal and Zainab Hariyanawala, who were charged last year with female genital mutilation and conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation. The allegations involve their daughters, who were 7 at the time of the procedure.
    The order Tuesday also dismissed charges against Tahera Shafiq, 49, of Farmington Hills. She was accused of participating in the procedure involving the Minnesota girls.

    “She’s done, for the time being,” Shafiq’s lawyer, Jerome Sabbota, said. “It’s wonderful. She can go about her life. These are deeply religious people, and a lot of people don’t understand that.”

    Nagarwala is still facing a 30-year conspiracy charge and an obstruction count that could send her and the Attars to prison for 20 years.

    Fatema Dahodwala of West Bloomfield Township, a mother of one of the alleged victims, also is charged with obstruction. Prosecutors allege Dahodwala, Nagarwala and the Attars conspired to hinder the investigation.

    Worldwide, an estimated 140 million women and girls have undergone the procedure, according to the World Health Organization. More than 3 million girls in Africa undergo the procedure each year.

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